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David Cope

Founder and Chief Progress Officer

I love helping teams and organisations achieve their mission, and coaching individuals to make their dreams a reality.

My early career was in ecology and conservation research, and I now believe real change in the world will come through people and organisations finding their purpose and making great things happen for the world. 

I have a track record in turning around business unit performance and delivering organisation-wide strategic improvement in 'for-purpose' sectors. By leading corporate strategy development and implementation in public bodies and charities, I have helped resolve institutional and intractable problems with zeal and perseverance.​​

Having worked as a senior leader in large organisations, and as a non-executive and trustee for small and start up businesses and charities, I understand the varied challenges that leaders face in delivering their missions. I want to share my experience with you and help you explore your own situation so that you can make progress. 

I decided to launch 600 strategy after I developed my passion and expertise in strategy and change management over the course of a decade in my previous roles:

  • Director of Strategic Change and Planning for Oxford Brookes University

  • Director of Strategy and External Affairs at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

  • Senior Civil Servant in UK Government (Defra)

Qualified in change management, project and programme management, environmental management systems and social value return on investment, trained as a B Leader to support companies who want to become B Corps and certified as a Carbon Literacy Facilitator. Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and Chartered Environmentalist. I love learning and am always developing new skills, but when your needs go beyond my expertise, I have a wide group of Associates who complement my specialisms.

Foggy Forest
Image by Joshua Harris
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