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become a B Corp

Society expects more of business. Customers want the brands they buy from to be responsible and to demonstrate that they share their values.

Join with thousands of like-minded businesses from micro-enterprises to multi-nationals who want to improve their bottom line for people, planet and profit. The B Corp community of businesses cover every conceivable sector, but are joined together with a common ethos and a mutually-supportive approach.

Becoming a B Corp can feel daunting, but 600 strategy is here to help you through the process and meet the standards required of the B Corp verifiers. From the first step of understanding how B Corp certification will help you achieve your goals, to submitting your B-Impact-Assessment, to improving your processes to ensure you retain your B Corp status, 600 strategy will be your partner for success.


David has been trained by B Lab UK to support companies through the B Corp accreditation process. You can find my profile on the B Corp website here

Need a knowledgeable sounding board and critical friend to help you successfully become a B Corp? 600 strategy is here to coach you and your team in completing the B-Impact-Assessment, explore your scores and find opportunities for improvement.

B Coaching

The best B Corps have impactful business models built into the heart of their business. 600 strategy reviews your business value chain to advise you on how to maximise your positive impact from supplier relationships to targeting underserved customer groups.

Purpose review

Once you have started the B Corp journey, you will want to make the biggest possible impact with your business. 600 strategy is expert in measuring and increasing social value.

Social Value

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