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Facilitation and training

involve stakeholders

Got a problem, but not an answer and need to use the collective intelligence from your people to find the solution? Or do you want to engage your stakeholders and teams in an event or a conference?

600 strategy is highly experienced in designing and delivering workshops with a wide range of audiences. Whatever your challenge, we can help you prepare for a workshop, facilitate it in such a way that draws everyone together, and then distil out the key themes and conclusions from it.

We design and deliver bespoke Carbon Literacy training, helping you and your teams develop the knowledge, ability and motivation to take action on climate change across your organisation. This rapidly growing certification programme is evidenced to help organisations reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15%.

From chairing a conference session, hosting a debate or being the comèpre for your away day, we will assist the smooth running of your event and encourage all your speakers to shine. 

And if you're looking for a speaker on strategy, putting purpose into business, systems thinking or business skills in the charity sector, we are always happy to share our story!

Carbon Literacy training

Give your staff the knowledge, ability and motivation to take climate action at work through a bespoke Carbon Literacy learning and engagement programme. 600 strategy has trained dozens of employees to help them achieve your business' sustainability goals.

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Online and Physical

Facilitation at its best is engaging and personal, is tactile and dynamic. Qualities that can be hard to replicate online. But 600 strategy has a wealth of experience of making the most of online tools to help participants access all the benefits of a physical workshop in a virtual setting.

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