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Carbon Literacy: the language of corporate climate action

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We all know every business sector, company and team has its own internal language and jargon. But to face up to the climate and nature crisis, all our teams need to work together, which means we must all speak the same language around climate action. Carbon Literacy is an independently accredited professional development course that ensures every member of staff has the same foundation of knowledge, as well as being engaged and motivated to take climate action.

Here are five ways 600 strategy supports your teams develop their Carbon Literacy and take action to address the impacts and costs of climate change.

1. We demystify the science and jargon behind climate change

Want to understand the difference between net zero and carbon neutral? Need to count your carbon and work out if a new EV is better than the old diesel pool car? And anyway, hasn't the climate always changed?

Our Carbon Literacy training gives time and space for your team to explore these issues. Every question is a good question, and our training helps present the facts in a way that means everyone leaves with the same level of foundational knowledge on climate change without needing a PhD.

"Thanks for the last two training sessions – it’s been highly informative and entertaining too!" (Harry, Langarth Garden Village Portfolio Director)
2. We connect the science to your emotions

Like it or not, climate change is an emotive topic. From eco-anxiety to determination to climate scepticism, we've seen all sorts of emotional reactions to our discussions on climate change.

Our mantra is to take notice of our emotions around climate, and to approach these discussions with emotional intelligence and empathy. We believe that being open about our feelings allows us to engage in deeper conversations that lead to better climate solutions.

"I'm excited about the possibilities" (Sheanay, Maintenance and Procurement Administrator, Benyon Estate)
3. We get you talking in the kitchen

In our jobs at 600 strategy, we talk about climate change every day, but we know that this isn't the case for everyone. The daily pressures and priorities of work mean this topic is often pushed off the agenda and doesn't see the light of day in the office or on site. Carbon Literacy brings it into the foreground.

We help your staff see the climate impacts in everyday activities, and often hear tales from previous trainees that they've overheard many more conversations about climate around the office after our Carbon Literacy training.

"Thanks again for the training sessions! They have been really informative and definitely been a good topic of conversation with staff since" (Bethany, Executive Assistant, Treveth Holdings)
4. We join the dots from your business strategy to climate action

More and more businesses have built sustainability into their corporate strategies, setting net zero targets or at the very least trying to be as green as their customers demand of them. But these goals cannot succeed unless every member of staff plays their part.

Our Carbon Literacy courses are designed to help your teams to see their role in taking action on your strategic goals. We offer bespoke Carbon Literacy programmes, where we build the content around your sustainability priorities, engaging everyone in delivering for the business.

"David’s Carbon Literacy training was designed to involve everyone across the Duchy in our goal of reaching net zero. There was a lot of information to take in, but with David’s knowledge of rural estates, plenty of time for discussion and David’s cleverly reasoned narrative it really helped us all understand the role we must play in addressing the climate crisis. I was very pleased we decided to invest the time and effort in building our carbon literacy" (Alastair, Secretary and Keeper of the Records, Duchy of Cornwall)
5. We leave you with a legacy of action

If your business is going to invest time and money in training your teams to become Carbon Literate, you want to see a change and improvement due to that investment.

Carbon Literacy isn't all talk, it is really about action. At the end of the course, every participant will have an individual action and a group action to take. The Carbon Literacy Project estimates that these actions achieve up to a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. But we believe the biggest legacy is in bringing your teams together to develop collective actions that are much more likely to succeed than any imposed on them.

"The Carbon Literacy training provided by 600 strategy ensured that all staff had a thorough understanding of the climate crisis issues we face, not just as a landed estate, but personally and globally. We now feel more confident about the facts and more motivated to effect change" (Andrew, Finance Director, Duchy of Cornwall)
Our expertise

We have developed and delivered Carbon Literacy programmes as an integral part of our sustainability services for clients. It works exceptionally well when you are developing your sustainability goals and preparing for delivery, using the knowledge of your teams to help shape the climate action you need to take while equipping every member of staff with knowledge and motivation to be a part of the solution.

600 strategy provides strategy and change advice for purposeful organisations. We help you find your purpose and organise yourselves for delivery. Our approach is inclusive, as we believe progress only happens when everyone plays their part. Sustainability is our speciality.

We have extensive experience with the rural and development sectors, having delivered Carbon Literacy programmes to staff online and face to face in the following organisations:

Carbon Literacy is an accredited course, with standards set by the Carbon Literacy Project for the past 10 years. At the time of writing, over 50,000 people from more than 4,000 organisations have become Carbon Literate (and the numbers are increasing fast). 600 strategy's very own Chief Progress Officer, David Cope, is a certified Carbon Literacy Facilitator and designs and leads the delivery of all our courses.

If you'd like to get in touch to explore how 600 strategy can help your teams become Carbon Literate, drop us a line...


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