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B-cause purpose matters

As sustainability, net zero and social responsibility in business get more attention, all the jargon can turn you off before you even start to make a change. But help is on hand...

We've all heard that after decades of businesses polluting the planet and exploiting workers and communities, it is our responsibility to stop being part of the problem, and become part of the solution. But it can be impossible to tell your net zero from your triple bottom line, and your CSR from your ESG. The B Corp movement brings all these concepts into a single framework, designed for businesses that want to make a difference.

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses like any other. They are manufacturers, service businesses, B2C and B2B, they are platforms and tech companies, small and large. What unites them is a desire to do business in a way that makes a positive difference to people and planet as well as profit.

Some of the more famous B Corps include the Body Shop, Ella's Kitchen and Brewdog. It is an exclusive club, but as more businesses realise the benefits, the club is growing rapidly. Customers value sustainability - they are more loyal, more willing to pay more, and these trends are stronger in Gen Z. And once you are in the club of B Corps, they are an incredibly supportive set of businesses, sharing insight and integrating other B Corps into their supply chains.

How to B-come a B Corp?

B Lab (the not-for-profit that controls the B Corp application process) have done all the hard work of creating a framework for businesses to follow. The B Impact Assessment is a detailed questionnaire that helps you assess whether you are considering governance, customers, community and the environment in your business decisions and operations.

The B Impact Assessment allows you to benchmark your performance against other similar businesses and gives you tips on how to improve your score, so you can make an even bigger positive difference.

But it is important to remember that this is an exclusive club - not all businesses make the grade. And the B Impact Assessment is a detailed questionnaire - it isn't a Friday afternoon job to complete it. Being a B Corp is a serious undertaking, with serious benefits.

Get help to get on

Once you're in the B Corp club, there is a huge support network to help you make the most of membership. But you aren't alone as you try to get into the B Corp club, there is a community of B Leaders - including David, our own Chief Progress Officer - who know the B Impact Assessment inside and out who can give you hints and tips on how to get maximum recognition of the good work you do, and pointers on how to make improvements.

Our opinion at 600 strategy is that becoming a B Corp is not just a certification and an award, it is a commitment to putting purpose at the heart of your business strategy, and the business case for change to make progress towards a fairer, greener and more profitable future. We provide strategy and change management services alongside our specific B Corp and sustainability specialities.

So if you'd like to find out more about B Corps, the benefits it can bring you, and how we can help, get in touch to start a conversation. At 600 strategy we don't do the hard sell, so if you're just curious, we would love to hear from you.


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