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Build, Build, Build ... social value

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

With the Prime Minister launching billions of infrastructure spending to kick-start the economy, we can build wider value for society as a whole. 600 strategy is here to help you make the most of this opportunity.

What is social value?

Put simply, it is any change that spending and activity can bring to improve the lives of people across the wider community.

Why is it important now?

As the UK tries to recover and rebuild from the terrible health, economic and social impact of covid-19, every penny of spending needs to generate as much value as possible. This is about creating jobs, but it is more than that. It is vital that this stimulus makes a positive difference to every aspect of life in cities, towns and villages up and down the country.

The covid-19 crisis landed right at the moment that the world was preparing to make commitments to reduce our impact on climate and nature. The stimulus package cannot, must not, make these further crises worse. In fact, there are ways that this stimulus can help meet the needs of the covid-19, climate and nature crises all at once.

Build, Build, Build

Boris Johnson has announced the start of a major infrastructure investment programme. From houses to new clean technology, and schools and hospitals to regenerating our town centres. The idea is that 'shovel ready' projects will get the go-ahead, creating jobs in the short term and helping develop productive infrastructure over the coming years.

But for the last month or more, pressure has been building on the government to not just build, but to 'build back better' and 'build back greener'. And while the Prime Minister's announcements have rhetoric that suggests the government is supportive of these ideas, it still looks like it will be down to the commissioner and developer to decide how to turn that rhetoric into action.

What can 600 strategy do to help?

600 strategy was created to support businesses to find their purpose and then to make the changes to achieve their mission. If you are a Local Authority, housing association, a developer or construction company, an investor or another commissioner of infrastructure, then our job is to help you build, build, build and to deliver value that provides a return on investment and a return to society, generating social and environmental value.

Experienced and knowledgeable about major projects, trained in social return on investment and social value, expert in nature and the sustainable development goals, we will work alongside you to support the economic, social and environmental recovery from the covid-19 crisis.

From developing your strategic case to include social and environmental value benefits, to advising you in delivery to engage the local community and see benefits realised and monitoring the social value generated, 600 strategy will be your partner throughout your project.

Some examples of how your project can deliver social and environmental value:

  • Guaranteeing a percentage of workers in the project will be delivered through apprenticeships

  • Sharing your professional expertise to build capacity with local community groups

  • Partnering with local schools and colleges to train potential employees and bring your industry experience to enhance the student's learning

  • Partnering with local environmental groups to allow your staff to volunteer to help them deliver local improvements

  • When subcontracting, give preferential access to local suppliers, include sustainable sourcing procurement policies and support SMEs and micro-businesses in building their bidding skills

And it is possible to go well beyond those examples. 600 strategy will challenge and support you to think about building social and environmental value systemically into your ways of working, leaving a positive legacy of change long after the project is completed.

If this sounds like the sort of help that you need, contact us for an exploratory conversation with no obligation.


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